A Divine Walk

A Divine Walk

I’ve had a few challenging moments in the last few days…

These challenges are really pretty big stuff as far as life challenges go.  I notice now that I’m able to flow through life struggles with an ease and clarity that wasn’t mine years ago.  My current self is a much more calm, balanced and less emotionally wobbly self.  Lately I have old friends and family telling me how different I am today than say ten years ago.  I agree with them completely and only I know how much effort I’ve put into creating my new, improved  self.   I feel so much more solid now with the strength of my soul and the faith of the heavenly help present at a moment’s request.

Even though I have complete faith in my angelic help, I forget to call on them all the time…

We all do this – we have all of these resources available to us and sometimes we just forget they are there!  Another aspect of my being that I’ve come to know better is the stability of my emotions when I am in nature.  A walk with my sweet dog is one of my favorite grounding exercises and also my dog is extremely grateful when grounding time comes.

Divine WalkThere is a walking and bike path that has become a favorite of mine.  It borders a little creek, has shade and sun, lots of benches to take a break, aspen trees to walk through and a little park that is rarely used but super lovely.  As I was walking this path the other day, I noticed that I was very close to the exact place that I had a lovely spirit guide experience years ago.  This experience was one of the big ones… where spirit makes the communication so clear that I almost fell off the bike I was riding at the time.  An experience big enough for the biographical history book of Barbara that is yet to be written!

At the moment I made the connection to my year’s past almost bike crashing place, I was reminded of the helpers I had available right now!  So, I prayed and said, “If there is anything that would be helpful for me to hear right now, I’m listening.”  I take a few more steps and come upon this message written in chalk on the sidewalk,

“Don’t forget to breathe.”

Wow, that was fast.  How cool is that?   Then, I look up from the sidewalk and see the huge billboard messageI LOVE YOU“.  Okay… that is super cool.  Then I look to my right and see my favorite flower – a cluster of three lilac bushes.  Three separate message, three lilac bushes – once again my triplet angel messaging system! Anything coming in threes helps me to anchor to the true source of my help.

I love my life and my connection with Spirit…

It is such a source of strength that takes me through challenging life experiences reminding me about my journey, my walk. 

I’m not alone and neither are you!

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