Sparks of the Divine

I invite you to feel…

Really FEEL the power of the Divine. A physical connection with Divine Energy begins a new way of exploring life. My clients gain this new physical connection, this new knowing, this new way to handle life’s challenges. Mystics, spiritual masters, all those seeking enlightenment have sought this feeling. You can know and live in this experience too.

We all can!

Your transformation begins when you feel that first “spark” of energy, a different sensation in your body, or a different awareness – clearly providing proof that there are new ways to operate in our lives. This is that spark of energy that begins to help you to see that you are more powerful than you ever believed.

This power truly is within you!

Sparks of the Divine is about helping others rise, and doing life differently. My goal in the work that I do is to allow people to reach places that may seem unbelievable at first. I deeply believe in the power of connecting with Source and that there is a relationship there that is palpable, physically transforming and has the possibility for miracles.

Whether our connection is in person, or distance, the experience of the energetic connection is palpable and immediate and often people are surprised and overjoyed by the experience.  Click here to read more about what to expect during our sessions, and other Frequently Asked Questions.

Most of my clients come to me burdened and blinded by the negative self talk and doubt they have packed around for years. My gift is to be able to see nothing but their perfect, Divine being in that moment. By reflecting back their true light, I become a different kind of mirror, allowing them to see themselves in a different way. That mirror can become theirs to hold and pull out as Divine inspiration when the going feels burdensome again.


Barbara Rose

There was a time in my life when I couldn’t understand why life was so difficult for me. After a life-time of serious health and personal challenges, I was in crisis. I knew I was out of alignment with my true self and disconnected from the love of the Creator.

I reached down deep within and gave myself permission to change my approach to my life. I put myself first for once and came into a new power. I began a journey towards wholeness and full connection with the infinite LOVE that had truly always been there. Through this journey, I discovered not only my own capacity to heal myself and my life, but the capacity and gifts to help others do the same.

“I believe in visualizing everything that we intend for our lives – if for no other reason but to place clearly our ideas for our future “front and center”. Cultivating a clear vision gives us the power to change that which we don’t like.”

In my work, I incorporate my own unique energy work, infused by my Reiki training, and journey of self discovery. Through purposefully connecting with Divine Presence, I help facilitate deep self-knowing and remembrance. I believe we all have the ability to transform our lives through connecting with Source energy, which allows us to come closer to knowing ourselves fully in our true power and potential.

“It is my role, with Divine direction, to light the ‘spark’ that sends YOU on YOUR way to lighting YOUR own fire.”

~ R.C.

“Barbara has a passionate enthusiasm for light and healing. Her quantum touch is healing, gentle, and accepting and I felt more peace and comfort for days after her sessions with me.”

~ M.L.

“Barbara’s intelligence, empathy, strength, and intuition come together to make her a wise and effective Spiritual Energy Facilitator.”

~ Tess

“Barbara is the real deal. She offers healing without ego, judgment or preconceived ideas. I am grateful for her gifts and intuitive skills and I highly recommend her healing services.”

~ Claudia M.

“Barbara has the divine gift of holding space for others to connect, in their own way, and their own time, to spirit and the messages that you’re meant to receive.”