Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most common questions and concerns that clients have when thinking about working together. If you have any additional questions or would like more information, please feel free to Contact Me.

Are distance/virtual sessions really effective?

Whether our connection is in person, or distance, the experience of the energetic connection is palpable and immediate and often people are surprised and overjoyed by the experience. In this quantum-energetic field, distance is of no consequence and does not hinder the energetic connection during sessions. Actually, I find that because our consciousness isn’t distracted by the new environment of an office and the physical presence of another person, that it allows the client to even more deeply connect with the energetic experience.

How do I prepare for a session?

Prior to our appointment, I encourage people to think about what questions, issues, and problems that you would like to explore during your session. Some people might want to journal or jot down some notes, but all that I recommend is simply putting some thought and attention to what you would like to bring to spirit during our time together. For distance appointment, I recommend that you be in a quite, private, relaxing space where you are able to sit or lay comfortably. Ideally, all external distractions should be minimized.

What happens in a typical session?

For virtual sessions, I will call you either via phone or Skype (determined at the time of booking your session). We will begin with an intentional connection with each other, and with our spiritual “entourage”. We will spend as much time as needed to clearly define and express your intention, and then we let spirit take it from there! Your only “job” is to relax, be open, and allow spirit to come through in whatever ways are perfect for you in the moment.

For in-person sessions, all of the above applies. When you arrive to my private office space, we will begin in a seated position across from each other during our initial intention-setting and connection work. You will then have the option to remain seated, or if you prefer, you may lay on a comfortable table, fully-clothed, and experience energy flowing through your body in a different way.

What can I expect to feel during a session?

When you have the physical recognition that a connection with God, Spirit, and Angels is occurring, then anything is possible. You may laugh, cry or exclaim. You may be filled with enormous gratitude for what happens. You may just experience profound peace and relaxation. Each person’s experience is unique and spirit provides the perfect experience for you. One thing is for sure – the experience will shift something in you for the good when you intentionally commit and are open to the complete experience.

How many sessions do I need?

One session can be incredibly helpful and powerful. However, depending upon the breadth of the issue we are working with, at least three sessions are optimal. Some of the underlying factors that are effecting you today might take a few sessions to explore, shift and release.  Many times clients have weekly sessions for a number of weeks until true clarity and a transformation of old patterns are complete. You will know how many sessions are necessary for you.

What kinds of issues do you deal with?

Any “issue” or problem that you might choose to bring into a prayer for yourself, is what we are able to explore during an energy session. Some people have a life-long pattern or issue that has yet to be resolved, others have health concerns, and some are simply curious and looking for a space to explore their spiritual and energetic understanding. The possibilities are limitless, and are unique and personal to each individual. Anything that you are willing to look at more deeply within yourself, and are open to receiving guidance on, is what we can bring to spirit. Ultimately, every session is a self-healing experience. Your spirit is that which illuminates and guides, and Sparks of the Divine provides the connection to that light so you can see your own issues more clearly, and in seeing them, be able to transform them.