Existential Crises & Epiphanies at The Brewfest

Existential Crises & Epiphanies at The Brewfest

I suppose attending a Blues and Brews festival in Kennewick may not seem congruent for a woman devoted to sharing the experience of spiritual energy.

Okay… so the idea of coming here with my husband, a devoted and excellent home-brewer, wasn’t completely comfortable. You see, I had a spiritual event a couple of years ago that make me question if I should choose to be here.

A decision I made a few years ago to not drink alcohol didn’t come lightly for sure…

The decision came after hearing my ‘God voice’ say clearly in the middle of the night,

“You will not drink anymore.”

I heard that clear message, awaking suddenly from a deep sleep, and then proceeded to argue with the messenger!  “Really?”, I said, “I don’t even drink that much!”  Then the clear message again,

“You will not drink anymore.”

The next morning I felt that the message was from spirit, my higher self, God… The “who” (is God a “who”?) isn’t even important for me to know anymore.

I just knew that this was some Divine messenger, trying to contact me and share something that was important to only me.

Days later, a series of three separate sightings of extreme drunkards in public settings made it clear of the truth of this statement for me. Alcohol blocks the free flow of Divine Energy.  Also, my commitment to helping others explore spiritual energy isn’t served if I drink.  Check. Message received.

So back to that issue of attending a Brewing Festival.

If my MIND wants to participate in the dilemma, it would say…

  • Being around crowds of inebriated people (at least by the end of the twelve hour day) makes me a little nervous.
  • Realizing that as I go about my day that some people may question why I am not accepting beers handed to me .
  • Knowing I will feel a little sadness that I won’t be able to freely join their sampling of craft beers, because I really do love craft beers!
  • This next reason, I realize is a complete assumption and generalization.  In a spirit of honesty, I will share it anyway –  I assume the people I meet there might not be comfortable with my answer to the proverbial question of “So, what do you do?”

My HEART is hearing the following reasons to join the brew and music festival:

  • A preciously rare weekend away with my husband doing something that brings him great joy-sampling many types of craft beers all in one location.
  • A great day of great music, financially supporting and appreciating the gifts of great musicians.
  • A chance to enjoy great spring weather and put on the first sunscreen of spring/summer.
  • Supporting our dear friends Tom and Debbie Handy, owners of Paradise Creek Brewery in Pullman and one of the great breweries represented at this event.
  • An opportunity to be amongst a group of people where laughter and enjoyment of friends is a main goal of the gatherings.

With the heart winning over the mind, I went to the all-day brewfest.  I consciously chose friends, music, nature, great food and any other experience that my Spirit wanted to show up for me. I knew I needed more practice answering someone’s question about my current employment anyway.  And the universe certainly complied with my request!

Right away, I found Mary, selling DoTerra essential oils at one of the booths.  Talk about an unexpected surprise.  While chatting with Mary at her booth, I had the opportunity to meet a young woman suffering with chronic neck pain. My offer for a free energy self-healing session was accepted.

Once again I was reminded that generalizations are really not helpful and sometime I will stop using them!

The best thing was that I was able to share a new self-healing method for a woman who was feeling she had little or no treatment options anymore. With this opportunity, I realized that the fear of speaking about and sharing my gift only hurts me.  As divine arrangements work, a family member had suggested the night before that she try Reiki for her pain, and there I was the next day offering Reiki.

The crazy coincidence of her finding a Reiki healer at a Brewfest wasn’t lost on either of us.

My “mind” reasons were put in the not-to-be recycled mind garbage bin. Once again, I was given the gift of learning more about my place in this world.

For me, there is no place that isn’t a good place when we are consciously choosing the experience.

I can’t wait for the next Brew Festival in Joseph, Oregon!

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