Joy in the Journey

Joy in the Journey

A beautiful way I experience my life being guided by my heart, my intuition and spirit is when I step into new environments.

Traveling, especially by myself, creates opportunities for trusting my “gut instinct” that I don’t  always call upon when going about my typical day in my home town.  My “gut” instinct becomes my “heart” instinct as I decide what days to travel, what place to stay, and every small decision along the way.

As a conscious pursuer in the way and path of the heart, I often notice every synchronicity that gets me to a particular space at a particular noticeable moment.

An especially noticeable moment happened for me today.  Now, as I reflect on how this moment came about, I connect the seemingly random dots to all of the previous decisions that created this sweet, perfect moment.  I reflect on the path because I am so grateful of the journey leading me to the moment.

Looking back at each decision I made along the way, it is as if the smallest decisions are the more critical choices to the trajectory being in perfect alignment to the moment…

I’ve always been fascinated by the quantum view of physics – that the nanoscopic scale of our universe might actually be the most critical to understanding our universe.   I know Eckhart Tolle, the master teacher who encourages us to explore life as a series of moments (the now moment), would encourage us to not judge the seemingly smallest choice, like the choice of a parking spot, as inconsequential.  Noticing the critical moment by moment decisions, however small, seems to truly support the concept of living in the now and creates the ultimate, beautiful dot-to-dot picture moment.

B&BThe first of my connector dots happened weeks ago when I chose to see a particular out of town doctor on a certain day.  Then came the choice of travel days.  “How about NOW?”, “How about NOW?” could be seen to be the energetic beacon calling out from my head to my heart as I made choices about what dates  to travel.  My heart said, “I want to not rush my time in this lovely town after having made such a long drive to get there.”  Without my heart in the game, my mind would have thought only logically and I would have made the shortest possible trip. My choice to stay in a particular B&B was clearly also made by my heart.  Loving labyrinths and seeing a picture of one at a B&B propelled my hand to reach for the phone and call.  Sure enough, just one room was available and that connector dot was set.  Then came the decision dot to stay and linger with a lovely black lab who exuded love and at the same time soaked up all the love I was willing to share.  My heart kept saying, “stay here petting and loving on this dog” when my mind was telling me to start my sightseeing as soon as possible.  Then came a decision to park in a particular parking spot, and that put me in front of the sweet looking dress shop that had only two lovely women inside.  What ensued from there was a series of conversations and intimate sharing with strangers that were all a quick, rapid succession of heart expressions.  The details from there aren’t important, but what is important is that we ALL noticed the one synchronous moment when all the heart sharing and conversation was supported in timing, action and expression.  We three women all knew something beautiful had just happened, something that was so seemingly random, but so noticeable in timing that we all knew we played  an equally important part of this particular, special moment.

Joy ensues when people come together creating beautiful, supportive NOW moments.

I want to travel more, because it allows me to clearly see the creation of my life in the succession of the smallest steps.  My heart knows these steps and the ultimate trajectory of my soul.  Finally, my mind is relaxing control and blindly, but perfectly and joyfully, following my soul’s lead.

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