My I AM Musings…

My I AM Musings…

I have only written about two or three poems in my life – I swear.  One was for Irene Gustafson right before she died.  This is one I wrote while walking along a beautiful river in Thompson Falls, Montana in April.  It was a gift to me from Spirit – hope it shows a little bit of me.

My I AM Musings from a River Walk…

I enter the Presence of my I AM
My gentle footsteps along a river path
AM I the sound of the river swirling, bubbling and tumbling over earth’s broken and solid ground?
AM I the thoughts tumbling and bumping in and around my brain?
AM I the breath and air that fills my body, caresses my congested lungs and moves into my blood?
AM I the sight of jagged and scarred mountains so near me I can feel the wind be directed by them?
AM I the smell of the pine needles and pine cones touching my hand? – The pine a part of an adolescent tree that has homesteaded itself in a place with a view.

My I Am changes and moves with every step, like the droplet of water swirling, releasing, flowing and careening its way down its river life.

I AM happy, peaceful and connecting with all that I AM in this Presence.

In this connection I experience all of me.

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