Woman writing in her diary at sunset

“I took Barbara Rose’s Spiritual Experience workshop in January of 2012. It was absolutely fantastic! Barbara is a wonderful guide and teacher. She opened my mind up to new ways of perceiving the world around me. Barbara created a wonderful atmosphere and engaged the participants in exercises that were pure fun, filled with love and enthusiasm. I left feeling like I was floating on a cloud, yet with my feet more firmly planted on earth then they have been in a long time. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone, male or female, old or young, no matter what your religious, spiritual or other beliefs and background might be.”

~ J.B.

“I am so excited to see someone working in this arena locally…You did a great job presenting the info so others can share your knowledge though experiencing energy for themselves!”

~ K.S.

“I thoroughly enjoyed this introductory workshop. Barbara Rose knows her subject and presents the material in a delightfully personal manner. She was masterful in her guided imagery segment. Some of the exercises were new to me and stretched me out of my comfort zone, but invited me to explore more deeply spiritual energy and the healing that is within us and around us.”

~ W.M.

“Thanks so much for the class tonight. I know that I have difficulty letting go of my need to analyze everything in my world and I had moments where I was actually able to do it! It’s a huge part of who I am and a part that I cherish because its led me on a lifelong path of exploration and discovery that I find so beautiful. I do follow my heart (how else does a physicist fall in love with an energy healer!?), but sometimes my mind doesn’t want to follow. Thanks for creating the space to allow me to experience the mysterious free of my own judgments or expectations.”

~ K.W.

“I attended Barbara’s Intro Energy Workshop as a person never exposed to energy work or any deep spiritual practice.    Barbara’s professional and open-minded approach to teaching made me feel comfortable with my unfamiliarity with spirituality, which allowed me to be receptive to and amazed by what she had to share about energy healing. The interactive demonstrations we did as a group were a fun way to explore and actually experience the power of energy, especially for us skeptics! I learned that energy work is nothing scary or complicated but is based in the idea of how our thoughts and relationship to ourselves are powerful in determining our health and our life as well as the health and life of those around us….something I already truly believe! I left the class feeling calm, focused, and full of positive energy, like after a great meditation session. I think everyone would benefit from this class…. tree hugging hippies, spiritual gurus or just everyday skeptics who feel like they could use some positive changes in their lives. Try something new! Barbara will be there to lovingly support you in your self-exploration and healing “

~ Tessa Graham

“Thank you for another amazing call this week. My whole body tingled with the power of energy quite a lot of the time. I agree that our group calls are a precious window to soul purity. Thank you.”

~ Anne

“I sit here today feeling grounded and connected and can feel the healing that is occurring in my physical, emotional, spiritual and mental selves and reflect on how far I have come since the day I first met you. It was only a couple months ago but it feels like lifetimes. I feel like I am becoming whole for the first time, filling with peace and completeness and insight.”

~ J.D.

“Barbara was able to help me see some things in my life that I don’t know if I would have otherwise. I was able to feel the love of support lifting me through some battles in my mind over my worth. I was delighted to learn that my grandfather (who passed away years ago) had an interest in my life, and that there were other heavenly beings surrounding me. These beings are full of love. It is amazing that we live in an energetic world, and are often blissfully (or not so blissfully) unaware of the energy around us. Barbara helped me to see this world and encouraged me to see it too. I am beginning to accept that this world has far more possibilities than I originally imagined. As I open my heart and mind, I find that it is the possibilities within that most amaze me, and I am thankful to Barbara for being there for parts of my journey, and showing me the light from a new angle.”

~ Elizabeth Z

“Barbara’s energy healing was like a burst of light within. It brought new ideas & energy for my current endeavor. I live miles from her but with a phone call she was able to directly connect with my healing center, and send me loving energy that drew in motivation in my current life. It was awesome!  I thank her with love & light from my heart. I recommend anyone to try Barbara’s Healing Energy. It will surely leave you enlightened.

~ Anonymous

“Many thank you’s Barbara. Your energy continually reminds me of the loving nature of the divine, and it brings my brain back into “right” relationship with what is. Thank you again as it has been quite a gift to have you be part of my journey. Your support has been instrumental in my ability to transition onto this new (and hopefully more prosperous) road.”

Many Blessings,

~ Lisa

“I turned to Barbara when I began to have questions within the spiritual realm that I did not feel could be answered in a more conventional setting.  She proved to have a very understanding heart and ears. She made me feel safe and comfortable expressing my concerns and experiences, and was able to peel back the layers very quickly understand what I was trying to communicate. Words cannot fully communicate any experience or thought, but thankfully Barbara is able to understand beyond what words say. She was able to look fully at my feelings and experiences and show them to me from another perspective that was gentle and helpful. She had opinions, but also let me know that my experience was my own, and that she was merely there to help.  This kind of witness without judgment allowed me the space to feel seen and understood, yet free to move forward as I pleased. This is true loving kindness.”

~ E.Z.

“Time continued to pass as this unmistakable warm energy continued to pass through me vibrating from the soles of my feet up and through my whole body. It was so powerful that I was in shock, for I never imagined that this could happen from such a distance; we were in Florida and Barbara in Idaho!…I thank Jeshua and Barbara for this gift, I would refer Barbara to anyone I know who is interested and believes in energy healing the ability to heal ourselves with Divine Love energy. Thank you Barbara and bless this power gift you have obtained, it’s a gift of LOVE…”  Click Here to Read Linda’s full story…

~ Linda H.

“You have shown me how to use the resources I have known existed, thank you. Ever since our first meeting I have become more attuned to the energies of the universe, and my own divinity. This is a gift I cannot thank you enough for. I am grateful for all you have/will teach me, and I plan to pay it forward.”

~ G.Z.

“Working with Barbara opened me up to a new spiritual being and I am happier than ever. I believe I have found a center in me from that day and to maintain it is just as easy as sitting down and taking time to talk to my spirits around me and finding out what my next step to enlightenment is.”

~ C.L.

“Barbara has a passionate enthusiasm for light and healing. Her quantum touch is healing, gentle, and accepting and I felt more peace and comfort for days after her sessions with me.”

~ R.C.

“Barbara gave me an energy treatment for at least an hour and it changed a lot for me…Overall the session was positively exhausting, as in: a lot of energy was moved, I felt great, recharged, as well as tired like after a satisfied day of lots of good work…So overall: the session empowered me strongly in parts where I was unbalanced – it allowed me to have access to energetic blockages that I know can look at and empathize with thereby opening them and embracing them which actually eliminates them. I would highly recommend Barbara and the treatment I received from her to anybody.”

~ K.L.

“Barbara’s intelligence, empathy, strength, and intuition come together to make her a wise and effective Spiritual Energy Facilitator.”

~ M.L.

“I would like to thank Barbara for using the distanced divine love healing and assisting me in finding important personal answers that have been bothering me for many years of my life. Due to that and many other factors, I have been experiencing variety of health problems. They range from depression, anxiety, severe fears, and very challenging physical aches and pains.

Until recently, I was very skeptical of the divine love healing.  I am learning through my own profound experiences by working with Barbara that there is so much validity, beauty and truth in it, that I am barely able to explain with words. Through this very deep spiritual work with Barbara, I am healing and learning new information about myself and experiencing a very deep connection with my own spirit. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for the time, dedication, your sincere and beautiful spirit and for leading me and helping me in my journey to healing.”

In Spirit,

~ S.D.

“I contacted Barbara for distance energy healing after I broke my right ankle. Barbara’s ability to create an open, safe energy field of love and healing is exceptional. Whether we were on the phone or connecting via the energy field, I could immediately feel an invitation to join her in the ‘healing energy playground.’ I found the 15 minute Spark Sessions to be very helpful for focused healing, grounding, and releasing. Fifteen minutes may not sound like a lot of time, yet I experienced deep healing connections for my body, mind and spirit.

When Barbara and I shared our impressions of these sessions, we found we received similar imagery, symbolism, and messages. Her intuitive abilities were further validated with each session. I have worked with a lot of energy healers over the years and Barbara is the real deal. She offers healing without ego, judgment or preconceived ideas. I am grateful for her gifts and intuitive skills and I highly recommend her healing services.”

~ Tess