“The bridging of Heaven and Earth…one breath, one life, one divine moment…right now and ALWAYS. Blessings to you in THIS eternal, divine moment.”

~Barbara Rose

Graceful Journeys provides a spiritual support system during a challenging time – the end of life. This last stage of life can be filled with grace and beauty and Reverend Barbara Rose assists by providing the Energy of Divine Love, helping to transform even the most difficult situations. Barbara is committed to helping others experience the Light and Love that is fully present during this end of life journey.

Graceful Journeys provides an abundant flow of Divine Energy, manifesting as Love, that can…

  • Transcend and facilitate transformation for those transitioning from the earth bound life.
  • Allow for a higher vibration of Love that will support family and friends who are in the process of transitioning to a new life without their loved one.
  • Provide a space for ceremony or for silent honoring of a life lived in all of its divine perfection of purpose, struggle, love expressed and love expanded.
  • Emotionally and spiritually support family and friends who may feel overwhelmed with the care-giving role.
  • Generate and implement new ideas to create an inspiring physical space infused with gentleness, tenderness and caring to ease the end of life process.
  • Facilitate the expansion of peacefulness and a tender love experience. Provide opportunities to release anger, self- judgment, and limiting beliefs in order to allow a sense of completion, forgiveness, peace and acceptance.
  • Transform the physical sensations of the body into a more peaceful and spiritual connection to the Creator through prayer, guided meditation and other self-healing methods.

End of Life Ceremony

Ritual or ceremony honoring a loved one’s life can assist a soul’s transition and the transition for grieving family and friends. This ceremony can be performed prior to end of life or after and can be customized to a very personal level…complete with music, readings, poetry, sharing, scripture or other meaningful activities. A life-time memory for family and friends, an end of life ceremony can also represent the last physical connection with their departed loved ones.

Reverend Barbara Rose will work with you to create the service that everyone will remember, helping to bring forth the emotions, memories and ceremony that everyone envisions, enhancing a peaceful transition for all.

As a Temple of Light Minister, Barbara can discuss, plan and perform end of life services according to the expressed wishes of all involved. She can design and facilitate a large ceremony or a small, private ritual honoring your loved one.

Bridging Grief & Peace

The intensity of the grieving process can be eased with Spiritual Energy assistance and counseling. Utilizing a variety of self-healing techniques, Barbara can support friends and family through the grieving process in a spiritually directed and connected way, helping them to make sense of the post-death experience. Spiritual process work allows an opportunity to channel, providing greater spiritual guidance and connection to ease any suffering that may exist. Spiritual connectedness is an important bridging process, often validating an intuition of spiritual presence.

About Reverend Barbara Rose

Reverend Barbara Rose is an ordained Minister of the Temple of Light – a multicultural, metaphysical and interfaith religious organization. As a Reiki Master and Certified Quantum Touch® Practitioner, she is both facilitator and trainer of a wide variety of Spiritual Energy healing methods. Barbara Rose has helped many people achieve a greater spiritual connectedness and, through that, has assisted in emotional, spiritual and physical self-healing. She began Sparks of the Divine as a way to share her spiritual gifts. Using Divine Love Energy, Barbara helps others heal their souls and gain insight, wisdom and guidance through a direct, personal connection with Spirit.

Barbara’s uniqe gifts include:

  • Experienced Spiritual Guide.
  • Divine Energy Facilitator and teacher as a Reiki Master, Certified Quantum Touch® Practitioner and other healing modalities.
  • Ability to Connect with others on a spiritually whole and divine level, seeing beyond the existing physical conditions.
  • Effective Communicator, both one-on-one, as well as able to support and lead gatherings of all sizes.
  • Personal Musical Gifts as a singer and pianist that provide a source of healing through the joy of music and its use as a vibration transformation tool.
  • Clairvoyant Abilities that provide an opportunity for Divine Connections from the realms of higher light and vibration to come forth and assist the transition.

Service Fees

Barbara offers a Free Consultation to establish a final, fixed fee or hourly fee as mutually agreed upon, plus expenses. Hourly rates are $75/hour; contracted fees begin at $300.

For more information or to schedule a consultation, please