Group Experiences
” I agree that our group calls are a precious window to soul purity. Thank you.”

~Anne, Australia


Group sessions are so amazing!

The beautiful mystery of group energy connection is fully felt and realized in Barbara’s lovingly led groups. Very powerful personal transformations take place when you allow yourself to experience that Divine connection with yourself and expanding out to the group.

Group sessions can be a spark that leads to a more curious exploration of Divine Energy. Divine Energy (as Love) connects to the Divine Creator, comes through you, and then flows out to amplify the experience of the entire group. Imagine experiencing an infinite flow of the Creator’s Love begin and end with you!

Commitment to this loving process strengthens your ability to experience the Divine energy that exists within you and can eventually change everything around you.

All along the way, Barbara intersperses laughter, personal stories and messages from her own Divine connection with Spirit. Be ready for her contagious sense of curiosity and frank openness that sets the tone for a playful, yet lovingly serious exploration of YOU!

Life’s challenges don’t always have to be met with heaviness and despair.

Within the group, the heaviness and despair is placed as an offering to a higher vibration of Love, Joy, Peace and Understanding. The despair has nowhere to go but UP!

Come, join in one of the group gatherings…

Give yourself the gift of YOU – fully present for yourself and assist others as well with YOUR Divine Presence.  And if you don’t think of yourself as Divine, we’ll work on that too!

If you would like more information, or are interested in scheduling a Group Program, please