Welcome to a New Experience!

Are you ready to play and experience Spirit in your life on a regular basis?

What is the Sparks Playground?

As the name implies, the “playground” is just that – a welcoming, fun, open space of co-creation where you are welcome “as is” to explore, question, and play with spirit.

As part of The Playground, you will receive special gifts from me on a regular basis that include fun, exciting ways to experience and explore of your own energy and spiritual capabilities. These gifts may come in the form of:


and much more!

Whether you are familiar with Divine energetic play or not, this will be a new unique experience for you!

Creating an environment for healing, transformation and self discovery is within all of our abilities.
At Sparks of the Divine, we realize that it is WAY more fun to play WITH someone, than to just work on our challenges and goals by ourselves.

Spirituality doesn’t have to be heavy…

It can be FUN!!

The Sparks Playground experience actually necessitates that connection to our Child Self – a connection that many of us have forgotten. As children we are innately trusting, curious, loving, curious and playful. Being a part of the playground helps us to reconnect with that childlike part of ourselves that never left us.

What would a playground be without laughter, imagination, creativity, exploration and positive exertion?

That is the environment that I intend for The Playground.



I hope your answer is YES!

If you have never tried to explore your own energetic abilities, I believe that when you truly step into the experience, you will have a sense of AWE. With that awe dawns a whole new understanding of the incredible potential within you. You just hadn’t found the right playmate before 🙂

Again, this is a co-creative experience…

This is a place that I can share with you what I have learned exploring Energy from the Divine universe that we are ALL a part of. My own exploration has created miracles in my own life and opened up personal pathways that I never imagined possible. However, you will also be participating and adding your own energy and insights…and benefit from others in the community.

As part of The Playground you will join a beautiful community of fellow seekers and curious, playful souls!

Below, please review the ‘Positive Sparks Playground Experience’ sign. If you take it all in, heart, mind and soul, then you are giving yourself an amazing gift. A gift of a life that has more sparkle, a gift of life that has more meaning and purpose. A gift where you get to decide what gifts you receive!


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