“Barbara’s energy healing was like a burst of light within. It brought new ideas & energy for my current endeavor. I live miles from her but with a phone call she was able to directly connect with my healing center, and send me loving energy that drew in motivation in my current life. It was awesome!”


When working with Barbara privately, a host of angels, your own spiritual guides along with spiritual masters important to you are invited to join the session! Barbara creates a loving and powerful connection for you with the host of heavenly help that is always ready to assist.

No matter where in the world you are, Barbara can meet with you either in person, or virtually by Phone or Skype.

Would you like to actually FEEL the presence of Angels?

Would you like to FEEL your connection with your Guardians in a tangible, physical way?

This is the life changing opportunity Barbara provides. You see, we are assisted in every moment, in every request from our heavenly entourage – we just have to remember to ask and trust in the experience. We can do this together in a loving and grace filled way. Many experience a great sense of peace and calm, others feel awake and alive in a way they have never felt before. YOU might light up with joy in the magnitude of it all!

Think spiritual energy experiences must be a heavy, meditative struggle?

When we exert less effort and more trust and play we create a powerful platform from which to launch your experience. When things flow easily, without exertion and struggle, then we know we are in the Divine flow and that is where you will be when you choose a private session experience.  This high vibration energetic play can assist you in all aspects of your life.

This is when your inner guide is truly heard! Transformation ignites when you hear the guidance within you and from your own unique spiritual messenger more clearly.

Barbara will guide you every step along this journey, effortlessly and gracefully.  If you are ready to experience energetic shifts using Love as the source of all change – physically, spiritually and emotionally – click on each of the 3 session options below and select which one suits you best.

If you have any questions or just want to connect right away, Contact Barbara.

“Barbara’s ability to create an open, safe energy field of love and healing is exceptional. Whether we were on the phone or connecting via the energy field, I could immediately feel an invitation to join her in the ‘healing energy playground.’ I found the 15 minute Spark Sessions to be very helpful for focused healing, grounding, and releasing. Fifteen minutes may not sound like a lot of time, yet I experienced deep healing connections for my body, mind and spirit. I have worked with a lot of energy healers over the years and Barbara is the real deal!” ~T.O.


Session Packages


Sparks Energy Shots

Cost: $60 for 60 minutes total

  • A different kind of energy shot – the natural 15 minute spiritual kind!
  • Three powerful, 15 Minute “Energy Shots” distance sessions. In these quick sessions, the connective energy is palpable and powerful. Lay comfortably in your own home (no travel time!), three different days, and feel the energetic connection flow through you as you relax into the experience. Notice what happens in your body, the images that came to mind, the clarity that arrived during each quick 15 minute session.
  • Follow up with a 30 minute post session where we complete the process with a connective, supportive session.


$75 for 60 minutes

  • 1 Hour Energy Session
  • Start the exploration that has always been waiting for you.
  • In this one hour, you may work with Spirit on a specific issue, or you may just relax in the unique self healing energetic experience. You can also begin to explore your own spiritual energetic capabilities with Barbara’s guidance. Whatever your intention or need, Spirit and the Divine energy will be there to meet you!


$125 for 120 minutes total

  • Two 1 Hour Sessions
  • Go deeper than a single hour session and save money when you intentionally decide on a two session booking
  • Many times there are blockages and deeper issues that may best be met with multiple sessions. A followup session can provide helpful support in processing any changes or experiences between sessions. Observing and processing shifts and transformation, either physically or consciously, can take time and the two session package can be the supportive bookends to your experience.


$175 for 180 minutes total (Best Deal!)

  • Three 1 Hour Session Package.
  • Three is a Divine number and this beautifully complete package supports the Divinity within you through the power of three.
  • Through your own purposeful intention to explore yourself in a deeper, “out of the box” way, you are supporting yourself in a spiritually whole way. Be curious, seek and then find out how to integrate your new awakened Spiritual self into every day life. The flame already exists within you – Spirit can support you in feeling and believing your true power.

“The Divine Three”

Session 1: Opening the Door

We begin by opening up the connections to spirit, clearing out the fear, and baggage that may hindering you. The intention will be set for you to have a palpable experience of your own Divine connection and energetic capability.

Session 2: Calling it In

Once we have opened the door in the first session, we are now led to surrender to the field of Spirit. which only provides that which is in our highest good. In this second session, you will be provided with a spiritual space to allow and really flow with more of the physical sensation of this connection.
When you can surrender to the experiential process, you feel a new way of being supported. This support can show up as Divine guidance, a sense of peace, well being and relaxation, or a profound self healing experience. “Calling it In” becomes the knowing of calling ourselves in, beginning to trust our inner guidance.

Session 3 – Where Do I Go From Here?

After two sessions, we begin to see our lives from a different perspective, we begin to see the ways in which that perspective can shift our every day life. With the new insight and proof that we have tools that can always be enlisted to help ourselves, a new way to live begins to show up.

This last session lays the foundation for the rest of your journey. You can now ask for guidance with a new confidence, you can make choices and play with a greater sense of spiritual safety and assistance. You will see that you have remembered something that you always knew – that you are love – and that you can continue to explore the love of self and others, using some of the techniques you learned with Sparks of the Divine.