Training Opportunities
“I sit here today feeling grounded and connected and can feel the healing that is ocurring in my physical, emotional, spiritual and mental selves and reflect on how far I have come since the day I first met you. It was only a couple months ago but it feels like lifetimes. I feel like I am becoming whole for the first time, filling with peace and completeness and insight.”



Retreats are the perfect way to gift yourself the power of your own sustained and intentional connection with Spirit’s guidance and self healing power. Join others with the same commitment and intention to play, work and surrender to all that Love has available to you. Through Barbara’s commitment to providing the environment and opportunity to connect with the highest source of Love, you will uncover new riches within yourself.

Personal retreats can provide an customizable opportunity for growth, planned with you to address the goals that you have for yourself.

If you would like to plan a personal retreat (either remotely or local), I offer an free hour long consultation to best support this request. The length of the retreat can be based upon your needs.

Group Retreats can be planned for a special group, or you can join in one of the other group retreats already being planned. If you would like me to present to your group, or provide an opportunity for your group, I offer a free hour long consultation to best support this request.

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Reiki Training

As a professional member of The International Center for Reiki Training, I offer Reiki training opportunities for individuals and groups.

Reiki I

Cost: $150

This 8 hour training class, generally over two days, is a beautiful introduction to the power of Reiki in your life. You learn Reiki history and its ability to support self healing, provide more calm and relaxation to your life and to open up energetic pathways that you may not have known existed. Upon completion of the training, Reiki can then be a part of your own personal self healing methods.

Reiki II

Cost: $200

This 8 hour training class continues the exploration of powerful Reiki symbols and their use in a traditional Reiki session. At the end of this training, you will be trained sufficiently to perform Reiki on other individuals.

Reiki Master

Cost: $850

This 16 hour training class provides training necessary to become a Reiki Teacher yourself. This class goes deeply into being a Reiki practitioner and all its gifts and responsibilities. Many experiential moments occur within the training, providing beautiful opportunities for personal self expansion.