The Flow of Healing Begins Where It’s Needed Most…

The Flow of Healing Begins Where It’s Needed Most…

Below is a letter from someone I worked with doing a virtual healing session that was initiated as a request for healing for her husband. What transpired through the session was evidence that spirit tends to know where the healing is needed most…and was an opportunity for Linda to receive healing for herself…

Hi Barbara, it’s 12:54 AM on 1/30/13 and I can’t sleep and you and your request is heavy on my mind, so I just made myself  cup of sleepy time tea and have sat down to fill that request with joy and pleasure in  my heart in doing so.

The exact date eludes me but it was in January of 2013, I was with my husband in a rehab facility after he had fallen and broken his hip, he had surgery on 01/22/13 so this was about a week and a half later.

My husband David and I were watching TV, when a sudden urge came over me to turn on my computer. As I did, it opened to Facebook, and there was a message from Barbara, a lovely lady that I had met at a channeling retreat in Del Mar, CA the previous November. She had read in one of my posts in the “Channeling Erik” Face Book page that David had this accident. Barbara had reached out and asked if he was open to a healing energy session and if so, to call her.

At that time I kind of hesitated about asking David, although he has always been supportive of my quest for knowledge of our true path on this earth and our full potential as a soul. So I asked, and his reply was positive, so I quickly called Barbara to let her know he and I were ready for a session.

Now bear in mind at this point in our lives neither one of us had ever experienced a “healing energy session”, so we had no idea what part we played or how it would be done but we were oh-so-willing to try.

This is what happened…

First Barbara explained what she would do and told us what we may experience.

She told us that David may feel some tingling, a powerful surge of energy, or even pain in the injured area of his body and that this would be normal, and it often takes several days before he may notice a difference – or it could be immediate.  At that time Barbara asked if the break had been repaired or set to be sure she was not sending healing to him before that had been done.

Barbara then stated her intention that only love and light of the purist form would be joining us, this was a way of protecting the three of us from any dark or unwanted spirit from participating.

Now again I still was not sure what part I would play but I did know that it is said as long as two or more are joined in prayer in his name (Jeshua) that a healing can take place.

She told us to hang up the phone and that she would call us back after 15 minutes.

I took off my shoes, stood next to David’s bed and laid my hands on his hip and stood quietly with my eyes closed. After a very short time, maybe 30 seconds, I heard a voice in my head telling me to remove my hands from David and to take off my jewelry from my hands and wrist. I did so, then this same voice asked me to sit down. I did. After about 5 minutes, again the voice instructed me to stand back up where I was and lay my hands on David.

That is when the energy started working its way up my body, starting at the soles of my feet. It was so strong that my whole body began to vibrate and become warm. THEN, totally unexpected by me, I (not David) began to feel pain in my lower back. I have been suffering with degenerative disk disease for over 20 years. At times it is so bad that I cannot walk or sit for months at a time. Not a day or more than a few hours ever would pass that I’m not reminded by the pain, even on a good day. But there was the pain…acute, burning pain to the point that I had to put my hand on the area.

I then told David that I thought I was the recipient of the healing. I asked if he was feeling anything, he answered with “I’m not sure “

Time continued to pass as this unmistakable warm energy continued to pass through me, vibrating from the soles of my feet up and through my whole body. It was so powerful that I was in shock, for I never imagined that this could happen from such a distance; we were in Florida and Barbara in Idaho!

It has been a few weeks now since this happened, I would like to tell you that David is recovering very nicely, but pretty much on track as was predicted pre-surgery. I on the other hand, outside of some early morning  stiffness, am doing remarkably wonderful! I can walk my doggy Rosy without looking for a place to sit down three or four times for a quarter mile walk. I am now able to not only prepare a meal but clear and clean up after, without having to sit down multiple times. I even look forward to giving a dinner party as soon as David is well enough.

This has been a true blessing. David has always been my caregiver with my own health issues. Now I need to be his caregiver, and I’m able to help in ways I would have not been able to before.

The list goes on…each day is a gift and I thank Jeshua and Barbara for this gift, I would refer Barbara to anyone I know who is interested and believes in energy healing and the ability we have to heal ourselves with Divine Love energy.

Thank you Barbara and bless this powerful gift you have obtained, it’s a gift of LOVE…

My love and friendship I send to you, you’re a wonderful lady and person and I’m blessed to know you.

Your friend,

Linda H.

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