Top Ten Reasons to Connect with Sparks of the Divine

Top Ten Reasons to Connect with Sparks of the Divine

Every year I am asked to have a booth at the U of I Health & Wellness Fair.  This is an afternoon where all the local businesses that are promoting well-being are invited to share their businesses with the college students.  I love connecting with the students that come – sometimes more for the free gifts usually than anything else. Young adults are so willing to look at their life in different ways – they are open and so interested in learning, that it makes my job pretty easy.

As the student comes toward my booth, they are trying to discern exactly what I am about. I can almost always tell by the look in their eyes, they typically either light up, or become slightly wary.  I wanted to make it easier this year to help the wary eyed students feel more comfortable to talk to me.  I think Etsy artists would be proud…I took a pretty frame that I’d been given that would have otherwise gone in the trash.  I made a blackboard and put my “Top Ten” out – trying, albeit obviously with the David Letterman reference, to connect with them in a “how does this pertain to me?” kind of way.

As it turns out, I think what I came up with pertains to everyone, student, adult, spiritual, non-spiritual. These are universal concepts – albeit with a metaphysical bent – that we can all use to help us survive the rigors of life (or college!).  Who doesn’t need a little Source of Stillness, Listening, Feeling and Wonder of it ALL?!!

Top Ten Reasons
to Connect with Sparks of the Divine

10. Learn new ways to deal with stress

9. Find a safe environment to examine your own spiritual beliefs

8. Discover an incredible ability you have ALWAYS had – you just didn’t know was there

7. Help promote a sense of well being while away from home

6. Promote health and wellness from a new perspective – your own self healing

5. Develop a better sense of intuition

4. Experience profound relaxation and peace

3. Examine, break down and bust through limiting fears and beliefs

2. Discover a new sense of empowerment, courage and spiritual connection

1. Be Still, Listen, Feel and Wonder at ALL of the above!



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