~ J.B.

“I took Barbara Rose’s Spiritual Experience workshop in January of 2012. It was absolutely fantastic! Barbara is a wonderful guide and teacher. She opened my mind up to new ways of perceiving the world around me. Barbara created a wonderful atmosphere and engaged the participants in exercises that were pure fun, filled with love andContinue Reading

~ K.S.

“I am so excited to see someone working in this arena locally…You did a great job presenting the info so others can share your knowledge though experiencing energy for themselves!”

~ W.M.

“I thoroughly enjoyed this introductory workshop. Barbara Rose knows her subject and presents the material in a delightfully personal manner. She was masterful in her guided imagery segment. Some of the exercises were new to me and stretched me out of my comfort zone, but invited me to explore more deeply spiritual energy and theContinue Reading

~ K.W.

“Thanks so much for the class tonight. I know that I have difficulty letting go of my need to analyze everything in my world and I had moments where I was actually able to do it! It’s a huge part of who I am and a part that I cherish because its led me onContinue Reading

~ Tessa Graham

“I attended Barbara’s Intro Energy Workshop as a person never exposed to energy work or any deep spiritual practice. ¬† ¬†Barbara’s professional and open-minded approach to teaching made me feel comfortable with my unfamiliarity with spirituality, which allowed me to be receptive to and amazed by what she had to share about energy healing. TheContinue Reading

~ Anne

“Thank you for another amazing call this week. My whole body tingled with the power of energy quite a lot of the time. I agree that our group calls are a precious window to soul purity. Thank you.”

~ J.D.

“I sit here today feeling grounded and connected and can feel the healing that is occurring in my physical, emotional, spiritual and mental selves and reflect on how far I have come since the day I first met you. It was only a couple months ago but it feels like lifetimes. I feel like IContinue Reading

~ Elizabeth Z

“Barbara was able to help me see some things in my life that I don’t know if I would have otherwise. I was able to feel the love of support lifting me through some battles in my mind over my worth. I was delighted to learn that my grandfather (who passed away years ago) hadContinue Reading

~ Anonymous

“Barbara’s energy healing was like a burst of light within. It brought new ideas & energy for my current endeavor. I live miles from her but with a phone call she was able to directly connect with my healing center, and send me loving energy that drew in motivation in my current life. It wasContinue Reading

~ Lisa

“Many thank you’s Barbara. Your energy continually reminds me of the loving nature of the divine, and it brings my brain back into “right” relationship with what is. Thank you again as it has been quite a gift to have you be part of my journey. Your support has been instrumental in my ability toContinue Reading